Clemens Field

Exterior of Clemens Field, Aug-2006.

A look at the main seating bowl.

The field, from the home-plate grandstand.

Quick Facts:
When the noted Mississippi River town of Hannibal, Mo., had a ball field built as a WPA project, they named it Clemens Field, after the noted author and humorist Samuel Clemens, for whom Hannibal was one of his many homes.

While the park has not quite lain fallow since the MOV League left town, the park has been under-utilized, as the above photos show. It has seen some amateur ball over the years, and a site visitor named Rob told me in June 2009 that the park is currently seeing significant renovation with the arrival of the Prospect League, a college summer league that used to be called the Central Illinois Collegiate League but which has expanded both eastward and westward.

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