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A New Park, the Oriole Way

Home-plate entrance to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Jul-2006.

A look in from the right-field pavilion along Eutaw Street.

The park looks out over the city as well as the old B & O Railroad warehouse. This photo is from Apr-2009.

Quick Facts: Rating: 5 baseballs
In the late 1980s, voters in Maryland approved a new ballpark to be built at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad’s old Camden Yards near the Inner Harbor. Surtaxes and a special lottery financed this new facility, which opened in April 1992 to well-deserved fanfare as a replacement for the stately but ill-fitting Memorial Stadium.

The park was designed to evoke old-time baseball, using design elements from classic yards such as Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, while at the same time providing all the amenities fans expected in the 1990s.

Camden Yards has a brick exterior, wide airy concourses on the lower and upper levels, a field sunken from street level, irregular dimensions, and seating rows on which the aisle seats sport special grillwork. The out-of-town scoreboard is built into the right-field wall and is in play, much as at many old-time parks. But the most dominant feature of the park is the B & O warehouse across Eutaw Street from the right-field bleachers (that block of Eutaw Street is a concourse within the park now). It was from the warehouse that the numbers hung during the 1995 season, counting up the consecutive games Cal Ripken had played until he snapped Lou Gehrig’s record.

There have been some nice parks built in recent seasons, but Camden Yards was the pioneer and the prototype for the beautiful new facilities in San Francisco and Pittsburgh. The O’s wouldn’t have it any other way.

For 2008, the Orioles have introduced new scoreboards. The main board in center field appears to have been installed by the same company that designed the gigantic matrix board at Nationals Park, just down the road in Washington. The out-of-town scoreboards have also been upgraded.

Game # Date League Level Result
70 Fri 21-Aug-1992 American MLB BALTIMORE 4, Oakland 2
192 Sun 1-Oct-1995 American MLB BALTIMORE 4, Detroit 0
201 Sat 13-Jul-1996 American MLB NY Yankees 3, BALTIMORE 2, 1st
202 Sat 13-Jul-1996 American MLB NY Yankees 7, BALTIMORE 5, 2d
309 Sat 11-Jul-1998 American MLB BALTIMORE 2, Boston 1
452 Sun 1-Oct-2000 American MLB BALTIMORE 7, NY Yankees 3
502 Sun 2-Sep-2001 American MLB Seattle 1, BALTIMORE 0
825 Sun 30-Jul-2006 American MLB BALTIMORE 8, Chi White Sox 7
918 Sun 30-Sep-2007 American MLB NY Yankees 10, BALTIMORE 4
990 Thu 23-Apr-2009 American MLB BALTIMORE 6, Chi White Sox 2
1051 Sun 4-Oct-2009 American MLB BALTIMORE 5, Toronto 4, 11 inn
1071 Sun 8-Aug-2010 American MLB BALTIMORE 4, Chi White Sox 3
1159 Sun 28-Aug-2011 American MLB BALTIMORE 2, NY Yankees 0, day
1335 Sun 10-Aug-2014 American * MLB St Louis 8, BALTIMORE 3
1379 Mon 25-May-2015 American MLB BALTIMORE 4, Houston 3
1490 Sat 20-Aug-2016 American MLB Houston 12, BALTIMORE 2
1617 Sun 24-Sep-2017 American MLB BALTIMORE 9, Tampa Bay 4
* Interleague play.
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