Chronological Tour: Stop 145

This Park Is Fair

Approaching Fair Grounds Field, Aug-1998.

I would appreciate more seating behind the plate.

Looking out over the fairground entrance and the freeway from the third-base side.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
Here’s another of those 1980s constructions that isn’t much to rave about. This facility looks a lot better from the outside than from the inside.

As the name implies, the field is built on a fair grounds; a few of the fair buildings are visible from the park. One drawback, though, is a severe lack of behind-the-plate seating.

The place is serviceable, but not spectacular. Seems the Swamp Dragons agreed. They abandoned Fair Grounds Field and took off for what they believe are greener pastures in Frisco, Texas (north of Dallas) for 2003.

The good news for fans in Caddo and Bossier parishes is that the independent Central League expanded into Shreveport. The new club was called the Sports, a name that was used by Shreveport teams in the 1950s. The club joined the new independent American Association in 2006, and restored the Captains name for 2009, but they are no longer active.

Game # Date League Level Result
338 Tue 25-Aug-1998 Texas AA SHREVEPORT 1, Arkansas 0
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