Brooks Stadium

Entrance to Brooks Stadium, Aug-2007.

A look at the seating bowl from shallow right field.

A maintenance worker labors to keep the field in shape.

Quick Facts:
Brooks Stadium was built by J. Polk Brooks in 1948 to accommodate both amateur and professional baseball. While the field only saw pro use for seven seasons in two leagues (KITTY League stood for Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee), the park continues to be used today. Besides the local American Legion team, which was Brooks' pride and joy, the Ohio Valley Conference hosts its annual championship at Brooks Stadium. The park continues to be well-maintained to this day.

Brooks Stadium is unusual in that there is no dirt in the baselines. With the plate and mound covered by tarps to keep them moist, the photo above makes it look like the only dirt is in the infield. Of course, the plate and mound are also dirt, but it simply is not visible here. The first- and third-base lines are grass, and as usual the foul lines are painted in when games are being played.

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