Chronological Tour: Stop 346

Bowling Green Ballpark

The third-base entrance to Bowling Green Ballpark, Aug-2009.

A look in from the right-field line.

The view from behind the plate.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
A team that has seemed to be on the road for a decade settled down in a city that is dedicated to getting people on the road.

The former Wilmington Waves, South Georgia Waves, and Columbus Catfish relocated once again for the 2009 season, moving into a new ballpark in Bowling Green, Ky., not far from Western Kentucky University. Bowling Green is known as the home of the General Motors plant that builds the Chevrolet Corvette, so the team is called the Hot Rods.

The field is laid out in an interesting manner here. While most parks built in cities have home plate close to a street corner, in part so that the batter can face northeast, here the park faces close to north, with the two corner entrances leading to the baselines. There is no entrance directly behind the plate.

Space considerations made it impossible to build a walk-around concourse. The city was able to vacate one block of Center Street in order to fit the park in, but other area streets are intact.

I was unable to actually see a game here when I visited on the Fourth of July in 2009, as the rain started half an hour before game time and lasted until about midnight, leaving a near-sellout fireworks crowd disappointed. However, I got back in August and saw a game. I found the park utilitarian, not fancy at all but dedicated to presenting the game, which they do well. I also found concession prices quite reasonable.

Game # Date League Level Result
1006 Sat 8-Aug-2009 South Atlantic A Greenville 9, BOWLING GREEN 2
1589 Mon 21-Aug-2017 Midwest A West Michigan 7, BOWLING GREEN 5
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