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The Cove

Exterior of Coveleski Stadium, Aug-2006.

The seating bowl, as seen from the outfield berm.

The park is squeezed into an industrial district not far from downtown.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
Stanley Coveleski Regional Stadium, located about two miles from the University of Notre Dame and about six miles from the Michigan state line, may well have been the precursor of the common style of 1990s construction.

Entrance through one of the main portals leads you to an upper concourse. The seating bowl is below this concourse, while the concessions are all up on the concourse, allowing purchasers to watch the game as they order their food. The concourse is covered by a luxury box level. Behind home plate, the press box blocks the view from the concourse. Behind right field, trains roll into the city’s Union Station.

Sound familiar? This is how the majority of 1990s parks were constructed. “The Cove”, built in 1988, predates them and undoubtedly served as a model.

I visited this park in 1990, before it dawned on me that taking photos of ballparks would be a cool hobby. I got back in 2006, by which time the outfield berm was open to spectators and a party deck had been added down the first-base line. Several years after that, the stadium added a wrap-around concourse.

Around 2010, the field was replaced with an all-weather FieldTurf surface; however, the turf was ripped out after the 2014 season, when the team announced a new affiliation with the Chicago Cubs and adopted the parent club’s nickname.

The Four Winds casino group bought the naming rights for the 2014 season and slapped its name all over the park. A statue of Stanley Covaleski was added by the center field entrance.

Game # Date League Level Result
33 Tue 14-Aug-1990 Midwest A Beloit 5, SOUTH BEND 3
835 Sat 12-Aug-2006 Midwest A SOUTH BEND 5, Lansing 4
1350 Mon 25-Aug-2014 Midwest A SOUTH BEND 3, West Michigan 1
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