Chronological Tour: Stop 204

Alexian Field

Walking up to Alexian Field, Jul-2001.

The stadium structure and seating bowl are somewhat conventional.

Outfield dimensions and grass cuts parallel those of Wrigley Field, 25 miles away.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
The Schaumburg Flyers of the independent Northern League wanted to make things as familiar for the fans as they possibly could.

That’s why they started their Sunday afternoon games at 1:20, the same time as the Chicago Cubs. That’s also why the dimensions of the outfield are identical to those at Wrigley Field, although they don’t have brick walls covered with ivy here.

Instead, Alexian Field (the original naming sponsor was Alexian Brothers Health System, a local chain of hospitals) is your typical late-1990s minor-league park, with a concession concourse from which you can watch the game. In another bow to traditionalism, the main scoreboard featured post-up numbers, although the bull’s eyes for balls, strikes, and outs were very difficult to see, especially during the day. Since then, a traditional electronic scoreboard has been installed.

The original club was called the Flyers because the park is only a mile from Schaumburg Airport, a general aviation facility. O’Hare International is ten miles east.

When the Northern League folded, the Flyers and the Alexian naming sponsorship went with them; however, the park returned to action after a one-year hiatus with the establishment of the Boomers in the Frontier League.

Game # Date League Level Result
474 Sun 29-Jul-2001 Northern Ind. Fargo 6, SCHAUMBURG 1
1421 Sun 30-Aug-2015 Frontier Ind. SCHAUMBURG 4, Gateway 2
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