Sauget Field

Approaching Sauget Field, Jul-2004.

The main grandstand and press box, as seen from behind third base.

The expanse of the field.

Quick Facts:
I cannot tell you when Sauget Field was first used. I do know it attracted amateur baseball, along with the St. Louis University team, for several seasons prior to the arrival of the Gateway Grizzlies in 2001. The field may have had additional bleachers when the Grizzlies used it.

In its current configuration, there is only a main grandstand behind the plate, topped off by a press box. The dugouts and scoreboard are nothing special, and the park is not even fenced in to keep out casual passers-by. In other words, this is nothing more than a community field – yet it earned its place in pro baseball history.

The Grizzlies moved into the stunning new GMC Stadium in 2002.

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