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McDermott Field

Walking into McDermott Field, Aug-2002.

From one of the substandard bleachers, a look at the main stadium just after sunset.

The view from behind the plate.

Quick Facts: Rating: 1 baseball
Idaho Falls has the longest continuous membership in the Pioneer League, going back to 1940, the year after its formation. McDermott Field has seen all that action, although the main grandstand was rebuilt prior to the 1976 season.

Upon my 2002 visit, I found a main grandstand with some stadium seats, which went for a premium; the rest of the stand was aluminum benches. There were also two other aluminum bleacher sections, but the remainder of the park consisted of hazardous wooden stands that, in my opinion (although apparently not in the opinion of city officials), should have been condemned. There were also some seats that sit atop the dugouts, as in Bristol, Va.

According to the Idaho Falls Padres program for 2002, discussions about replacing the facility were in the talking stages; however, 2006 arrived with an announcement that it would be the last season for the current stadium. A new facility arose on the site for 2007, which added box seating and eliminated those hazardous bleachers. For financing reasons, the park has gone the corporate naming route; the new stadium is called Melaleuca Field; however, a dedication plaque to Edwin F. McDermott is prominently displayed at the new facility.

Here’s a note: The club retained the Idaho Falls Braves name and logo for five years (1995-99) after it dropped affiliation with Atlanta. In the sixth year of its tie with San Diego, Idaho Falls finally adopted the Padres name. Maybe they ought to go back to being the Russets ...

(Thanks to site visitor Mike for advising that the 1985 Idaho Falls team was indeed called the Eagles. His source is the team’s pocket schedule.)

Game # Date League Level Result
547 Wed 14-Aug-2002 Pioneer R Great Falls 3, IDAHO FALLS 2
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