Simplot Stadium

Exterior of Simplot Stadium, Aug-2002.

Some of the seating, all of which is along the left-field line.

A look at how the field lined up for baseball.

Quick Facts:
Simplot Stadium is the football and baseball facility at the Canyon County Fairgrounds and Rodeo in Caldwell.

I arrived during rodeo season, but I was able to get into the park to take a few photos. Notice that all the seating is along the left-field line, and also that the dirt portions of the infield had all been filled in, presumably to prepare for football season. With no more regular-season baseball at Simplot, there was no need to keep the field bare.

Albertson College in Caldwell, Idaho’s oldest institution of higher education, currently uses the facility for baseball. The Coyotes do not have a football team, but the goal post supports were in place in the above photos, indicating that the park was used by high-school football teams. In January 2005, site visitor Jeff Ward advised that the field is no longer used for football, as Caldwell High has built its own on-campus football and baseball fields. The field is now used exclusively by Albertson College and American Legion teams.

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