Chronological Tour: Stop 139

Sec Taylor Stadium

Principal Park as seen from the river bridge, Aug-2013.

The seating bowl, from the right-field bleachers after sunset.

One of the visible features here is the capitol dome.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
I’ve been told that Sec Taylor Stadium was looking run-down in years gone by.

The state capitol building, visible from the park.

However, there’s been a renaissance here, thanks to a total reconstruction of the park in 1992. The new place offers copious seating capacity, roomy and even airy concourses, and lots of comfort, while retaining its proximity of seats to the field.

One of the more attractive features here is that the view looking out toward center field includes the state house in all its grandeur. There aren’t enough parks in state capitals that do that, although the dome is visible in Indianapolis as well.

The Principal Insurance Group, headquartered in Des Moines, became a stadium sponsor in 2004. However, the name of Des Moines Register sportswriter Garner “Sec” Taylor, on the field since 1959, was preserved.

Game # Date League Level Result
328 Mon 17-Aug-1998 Pacific Coast AAA IOWA 5, Las Vegas 2
1285 Thu 29-Aug-2013 Pacific Coast AAA IOWA 4, Omaha 2
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