Chronological Tour: Stop 184

The Original Cedar Vet

Exterior of Veterans Memorial Stadium, Aug-2000.

The main grandstand and press box.

The field is on a hill, overlooking the city.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
Vets Stadium was one of two stadiums in Veterans Memorial Park (the other is a high school football and track facility seating about 8,000). Opposite the ballpark is the All Veterans Memorial, dedicated in 1992 and featuring equipment used by all four major armed services.

The ballpark gave me the impression of being a first draft of Municipal Memorial Stadium in Reading, Pa., which opened the next year. The seating configuration was very similar, except that Vets Stadium had benches under an extended roof, while the Reading park has upgraded to regular seats and the overhang isn’t nearly as long. Also, the Vets press box was atop the roof, while Reading’s is at the rear of the general admission seating. In addition, Vets had a very small, very narrow concession area that makes Reading’s look like Camden Yards by comparison.

Vets also added a picnic area in left field, a hot tub in right, and uncovered aluminum bleachers along both lines to expand the seating capacity. In addition, the exterior of Vets wasn’t nearly as nicely finished as Reading’s park. However, it was functional and a nice throwback. No mascot was visible during the game I attended. Concessions were reasonable; souvenirs, average.

Two days after I saw a game here, voters in Cedar Rapids approved by a 59-41 percent margin a referendum to build a new stadium on the site, moving home plate about 300 feet northeast. The new park opened in April 2002.

Game # Date League Level Result
427 Sun 13-Aug-2000 Midwest A CEDAR RAPIDS 4, Burlington 3
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