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Grayson Stadium

Main entrance to Grayson Stadium, Aug-2001.

A view of the baseball seating bowl from the football bleacher along the right-field line.

The left-field football bleacher is clearly visible here.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
This park was originally built in 1927 as a multi-purpose stadium, with concrete football bleachers and a wooden baseball grandstand. When the 1940 hurricane obliterated the baseball stand, they replaced it with the current structure, which was constructed during the 1941 season even as the Savannah Indians played on the field. Football was played there until at least 1959.

The left-field line is only 290 feet because of the old football bleachers, but right center field is over 400, and the wall has been brought in from the original boundary. The outfield bleacher section is closed, and the old football concession areas on the first-base bleacher section have been blocked off. There are sufficient concession areas below the baseball stand, though. That stand is entirely covered by a roof, which I appreciate.

Except for the lower boxes and a small section behind the plate, all the grandstand is benches, with backs but also with narrow walking room. The old football press box has been converted into the Moon River Brewing lounge.

With the park having outlived its usefulness for pro baseball and upgrades difficult given the historic nature of the structure, it was announced that the 2015 season was the last for Grayson Stadium. The Sand Gnats relocated to a new ballpark in Columbia, S.C., for 2016. The park’s primary tenant is now the Savannah Bananas, a college summer league team.

Game # Date League Level Result
488 Fri 10-Aug-2001 South Atlantic A Charleston SC 4, SAVANNAH 3, 12 inn
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