Chronological Tour: Stop 244

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Main entrance to State Mutual Stadium, Jul-2003.

The main seating bowl. Access to every seat is not always easy.

The park was built in a secluded area near one of Rome’s three rivers.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
I arrived late to my first game at State Mutual Stadium, but when I got in, I said, “I’ve been here before.”

The directions printed in Baseball America’s Directory during the club’s inaugural season in 2003 failed to make clear that the park was located along a highway known as Loop 1, rather than Georgia state highway 1 (which is also U.S. 27). I had heard that the new park was very nice, but, like Applebee’s Park in Lexington, I was underwhelmed by it. That could be a result of this park using an almost identical blueprint to the one in Lexington.

Just as at its South Atlantic League counterpart in Kentucky, Floyd Co. Stadium (as it was to be known until State Mutual Insurance contracted for naming rights) has a very narrow concourse between the lower and upper seats, a club seating area directly behind home plate (here called The Three Rivers Club), and concession areas located below decks. There are television monitors throughout the lower deck so that someone caught down there doesn’t miss any of the action.

There is a certain amount of eye candy here, and it is a fairly pleasant place to watch a game, but I find the facility somewhat dysfunctional.

Game # Date League Level Result
598 Sat 19-Jul-2003 South Atlantic A ROME 5, Asheville 2
992 Fri 3-Jul-2009 South Atlantic A Bowling Green 2, ROME 0
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