Chronological Tour: Stop 105


Inside the concourse at Luther Williams Field, Aug-1996.

The view from behind the plate.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
The first striking thing about this place is its double exterior. They’ve built an extra fence around the old Macon Baseball Park to accommodate a spacious concourse, and that’s where the name “Luther Williams Field” is posted.

Inside, there’s a completely covered grandstand with wooden seating, giving the park a real old-time feeling. My only complaint about that is how dim it is under there, making it tough to keep score of the game.

The Macon Braves moved to Rome, Ga., for the 2003 season, but the independent Southeastern League announced plans for a new team, called the Peaches, to utilize Luther Williams Field for that season. Another independent loop, the South Coast League, put a team called the Macon Music into the park in 2007.

Game # Date League Level Result
227 Fri 30-Aug-1996 S Atlantic A Columbus 5, MACON 2
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