Chronological Tour: Stop 256

Thomas J. White Stadium

Home-plate entrance to Thomas J. White Stadium.

The main seating bowl.

A distracting net shields spectators near home plate.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
This looks like a halfway decent park from the outside, but inside you find a narrow concourse, as well as narrow stairwells leading up from the cross aisle to the upper level of seats. It’s not a problem when you only draw 710 fans for a Florida State League doubleheader, but when the New York Mets are there for spring training, it must be a horror show.

Most of the seats are regular stadium seating; they are in the process of renovating bleachers that extend past the concourse down each line. The field faces north-northeast. Also, a full screen covers the home plate seating areas, although it isn’t quite as distracting as the one at Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers.

For the 2004 season, the naming rights to the ballpark were sold. The park became known as Tradition Field, after a new residential-commercial development four miles south of the park which bears the name “Tradition”. The park also received a major facelift, with brickwork replacing the concrete exterior and new picnic pavilions being added along the left-field line and in right field. In addition, the scoreboard was moved from right-center to left-center to allow for the picnic pavilion. The rights were resold in early 2010, and the park became known as Digital Domain Park, but Tradition Florida resecured the naming rights in 2013. That lasted until 2017, when First Data took over.

Hurricane Frances did an estimated $4 million in damage to the ballpark in September 2004. Most of the damage was to the new suite level. According to Paul Taglieri of the Mets (quoted in a local paper), the suite windows opened under the force of the winds, allowing rain to get into the ceilings and weaken the structure. Small concrete chunks fell from the suite level to the stadium exterior. Repairs were completed by 2005 spring training.

Game # Date League Level Result
630 Sun 24-Aug-2003 Florida State A ST LUCIE 7, Brevard County 4, 1st
631 Sun 24-Aug-2003 Florida State A Brevard County 2, ST LUCIE 1, 2d
1500 Fri 26-Aug-2016 Florida State A Palm Beach 1, ST LUCIE 0, 2d
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