Municipal Park

Ticket gate entrance at Pompano Beach Memorial Park, Aug-2003.

A look at the seating from the left-field line.

A batter’s-eye view of the playing field.

Quick Facts:
Pompano Beach Municipal Park is part of Pompano Community Park, a 43˝-acre complex that includes other baseball and softball diamonds, basketball courts, an aquatic center, and other recreational facilities.

A dozen years after the city built the stadium, the New York Mets moved in as part of an expanded Florida State League. They played there for five years; later, the Cubs moved a franchise from Key West and used the facility for three seasons.

A fan watching an amateur Federal League game in August 2003 told me that the park did have a press box when it was used for professional ball. Today, the park is used for the Federal League as well as by a private baseball school.

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