Quigley Stadium

The primary remaining grandstand at Quigley Stadium, Jun-2003.

The view from a short bleacher behind home plate.

Quick Facts:
Quigley Stadium, a park operated by the Town of West Haven, has been used by local players since just after the second World War. The stadium is named for Maurice Quigley, a local coach who died in 1960.

The park saw Eastern League ball for eleven seasons. After the Eastern League pulled out and moved to Albany, N.Y., the wooden stands that were in place started to rot, and the town removed them. They put in an aluminum football grandstand along the third-base side and shorter bleachers behind home plate and along the first-base side.

Today, the park is used by the West Haven Twilight League as well as some American Legion teams, who were playing the evening I saw the park, in 2003. A local parochial high school also uses it for football, along with West Haven’s junior football program.

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