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Out of Alignment

One look (in Jun-1999) tells you this isn’t a conventional baseball park.

From this angle, it's obvious that the seating doesn't wrap around as it ought.

If you’re in a decent seat for the game, an obstructed view is the norm.

Quick Facts: Rating: 1 baseball
As ballparks go, this is a pretty good football field.

Municipal Stadium was built over sixty years ago, and it’s hosted many football and baseball games since. Proposals have been floated to turn it into a race track (cars, dogs, etc.), but none has ever made it past the electorate.

In 1997 the Northeast League placed a team here and began a significant upgrade project. The only trouble is, they were not able to build additional “full” stands along the end zone that became the third-base side. As a result, all the seating (aside from two small metal bleachers) is on the first-base side, and the seats closest to the action are obscured by a light pole and a safety screen.

It just isn’t a good place to watch a game. There’s talk of building a real baseball park across town, but the odds of that are about as good as turning Municipal Stadium into a dog track.

Game # Date League Level Result
359 Sun 20-Jun-1999 Northeast Ind. Massachusetts 10, WATERBURY 9
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