Muzzy Field

Home plate entrance to Muzzy Field, Jul-2016.

From the right-field picnic area, both baseball and football press boxes are visible.

From behind the plate, you can tell that the setting sun is still an issue.

Quick Facts:
Muzzy Field has been in use since 1913; its main grandstand was built in 1939. The land for the field was given by Adrian Muzzy, for whom the adjacent street is also named, “in the name of his two sons” Leslie and Floyd, according to the ceremonial arch dedicating the field. That arch, which used to sit at the home plate entrance, has now been relocated into an expansive entrance plaza along the third-base side; the ticket windows are down the baseline.

The facility is used for both baseball and football, and it has press boxes for each sport. The baseball press box is new for 2016. The stadium, which oddly faces northwest, is adjacent to Rockwell Park, a passive recreation area.

The field first saw professional action with the Owls of the short-lived Class D Colonial League. After years of use by the City of Bristol, the Double-A Bristol Sox came in during the mid-1970s and played there through 1982, after which they moved to New Britain, several miles to the east. The field is still used today for high school and college games.

The Futures Collegiate Baseball League, a college summer league, has had a team at Muzzy Field since the 2015 season.

In 2003, the ceremonial arch was at the main entrance.
Date League Level Result
Sat 23-Jul-2016 Futures CBL College Summer Bristol 7, Seacoast 4
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