Chronological Tour: Stop 151

Busy on the Waterfront

The main entrance to Harbor Yard, Jun-1999.

The left-field half of the seating bowl, with the Connecticut Turnpike in the distance.

Outfield features also include the Port Jefferson Ferry, Metro-North Railroad, and an old steam plant.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
The Atlantic League may have gotten off to a rough start, but not the Bridgeport Bluefish.

The Fish won both halves of the 1998 season schedule (but dropped the championship series to Atlantic City) playing in this cozy new park at the mouth of the Pequonnock River, a stone’s throw from the Metro-North and Amtrak station in Connecticut’s largest city.

Seating is a little tight, thanks to space constraints, but this is a very handsome and convenient park. If the game gets boring, there are plenty of moving objects just outside the fence, including cars, trains, and the occasional Port Jefferson (L.I.) ferry.

By 2005, the view in left field was dominated by the Arena at Harbor Yard, which hosts an American Hockey League team as well as college basketball.

With attendance fading, the governing body of the city of Bridgeport accepted an offer from Live Nation (the concert arm of Ticketmaster) in 2017 to repurpose the stadium as a concert amphitheater. This spelled the end of the Bluefish after 20 seasons.

Game # Date League Level Result
358 Sun 20-Jun-1999 Atlantic Ind. BRIDGEPORT 5, Somerset 4
451 Sun 27-Sep-2000 Atlantic Ind. BRIDGEPORT 6, Nashua 3
739 Wed 15-Jun-2005 Atlantic Ind. BRIDGEPORT 12, Atlantic City 11
1111 Sat 2-Oct-2010 Atlantic Ind. York 5, BRIDGEPORT 4, 10 inn
1465 Sun 24-Jul-2016 Atlantic Ind. BRIDGEPORT 10, New Britain 1
1613 Sun 17-Sep-2017 Atlantic Ind. Somerset 9, BRIDGEPORT 2
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