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Trinidad Central Park

Exterior of the baseball stadium at Central Park, Jul-2014.

Looking at the stadium from a terrace down the first-base line.

The fence behind the plate is due to be replaced by a net for 2015.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
Other than accessibility (the actual entrance to the park is rather convoluted), Trinidad's Central Park is a fine place to watch a game. In 2014, it saw use by three different primary teams: high school, junior college, and independent professional.

The park itself, which dates back to the 19th century, once featured more amusements, as I understand it, but it is now largely a passive park, with a pond out beyond right field, in front of the railroad tracks.

Getting to the Game

The stadium is less than a mile from Interstate 25, which follows the Santa Fe Trail through the area. Amtrak, which uses the tracks beyond the outfield, has a station in Trinidad within walking distance of the park, but as the stadium is not a typical destination, most fans will drive. The park is off Colorado Highway 12.

Watching the Game

The main seating bowl is protected by a thick fence. A member of the Trinidad State staff who was in attendance along with me the night I got here said that the college is about to replace the fence with a net, which will improve visibility for fans.

The park has a full 10-inning scoreboard, dating to about 2000, which replaced a tiny model down the left-field line.

Enjoying the Game

While the announcer promoted upcoming events as well as the night's 50/50 drawing, there were no on-field promotions whatsoever. A mascot, a horse apparently named Trigger (like the one ridden by Roy Rogers), briefly wandered the stands.

Concessions are standard fare, nothing unusual. Beer in cans is available from the stand but must be consumed within the confines of the stadium structure, per city ordinance.

Game # Date League Level Result
1318 Tue 22-Jul-2014 Pecos Ind. TRINIDAD 18, Raton 8
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