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Coors Field

Home-plate entry to Coors Field, Aug-2009.

A look in at the stadium from The Rockpile in straightaway center field.

The view from behind the plate. The Front Range would be off to the left, just out of the photo.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
Perhaps the Colorado Rockies stole their name from a hockey franchise that had moved to the swamps of the Hackensack River in New Jersey a decade earlier, but their new park, which was ready in 1995 after two seasons at Mile High Stadium, makes up for it.

The official elevation of Coors Field is just shy of a mile, but a row of seats painted blue rather than green in the upper deck, five rows shy of the top of the park, denotes the 5,280-foot mark in this, the Mile High City. Baseballs have a tendency to travel farther in the upper elevations, so the park was built larger, with the deepest fences in the majors. As a result, offense has risen because outfielders need to cover more ground and more balls drop in for extra-base hits as well as sailing out in the general direction of the Front Range.

It may feel like you’re watching a pinball game, but the park is structurally attractive and comfortable, with the latest hot feature, a lower-deck concourse from which you can order concessions and watch the game at the same time.

My one regret about the park is that more seats could not have a view of the Front Range. The park faces north, which is unorthodox in itself but does give fans along the right-field side a look at the mountains.

Game # Date League Level Result
282 Mon 25-Aug-1997 National MLB Cincinnati 7, COLORADO 6, 1st
1017 Fri 21-Aug-2009 National MLB San Francisco 6, COLORADO 3
1284 Wed 28-Aug-2013 National MLB COLORADO 5, San Francisco 4
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