Chronological Tour: Stop 315

The Ports’ New Home

Third-base entrance to Banner Island Ballpark, Aug-2006.

The seating, as seen from the outfield concourse.

The view from behind home plate.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
After the Stockton Ports played for about 60 years in Oak Park in what some described as a bad part of town, they moved downtown to this new facility.

The unpretentious new park features a center section with a press box flanked by a few luxury boxes, and stadium seating below that and down the lines. Concessions are located on the spacious concourse, with just a few behind the press box. Fans walk in at street level, and the field is somewhat recessed. There is also a fair amount of berm seating as well as a couple of party decks, all accessible via the wrap-around concourse.

The park gets its unofficial name from its location. Channels wrap around the part of town where the park is located, and it has been known as Banner Island for years.

Game # Date League Level Result
842 Mon 21-Aug-2006 California A STOCKTON 7, Bakersfield 4
1566 Mon 31-Jul-2017 California A Inland Empire 6, STOCKTON 3
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