Chronological Tour: Stop 74

San Jose Municipal Stadium

Exterior of San Jose Municipal Stadium, Aug-2004.

There is only one row of shaded seating in the ballpark.

The area is a combination of parkland, athletic fields, and industrial areas.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
During the baseball strike in 1994, San Francisco Giants fans headed down Route 101 in droves to get to this place.

I found San Joseís park woefully inadequate, though. It was very cramped, especially given the big crowd. It also lacks a roof. I have had the misfortune of seeing two day games here, and the aluminum and metal seats that comprise most of the park are brutal in daytime conditions. Only the top row of the first-base grandstand has any shade at all.

In addition, and this isnít the parkís fault, itís not easy to find it. There arenít sufficient signs off the freeways or in midtown to lead one here. On my 1994 visit, I got lost in the vicinity of the San Jose Arena, which is several miles away.

There is a nice picnic area down the left-field line, and the grill there serves some unusual selections. In 2017 they replaced the old scoreboard with a video board that also displays the line score. I also verified what I had been told, that the place has great atmosphere for night games. I actually raised my rating from one ball to two after this visit. So why do they bother playing any day games here?

Game # Date League Level Result
156 Sun 4-Sep-1994 California A SAN JOSE 12, San Bernardino 4
696 Thu 12-Aug-2004 California A Bakersfield 7, SAN JOSE 4
1567 Tue 1-Aug-2017 California A SAN JOSE 2, Visalia 0
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