Angels Stadium

Home-plate entrance to Angels Stadium, Aug-2004.

The multi-colored seating bowl.

Fittingly for Palm Springs, the park looks out over palm trees.

Quick Facts:
This park bore the name “Polo Grounds” in its original incarnation, having been built on the site of a former polo ground (this is Palm Springs, after all) but evoking the name of the New York stadiums where the National League’s Giants played. (Thanks to site visitor Frank Jackson for clearing up the origin of the park’s name.)

The park served as a spring training facility for 32 seasons. The Angels, who held their camp here until moving it to Arizona in 1993, also transplanted the Redwood Pioneers here for the 1986 season.

When the independent Western League played here for two seasons, the park was known as Suns Stadium. The Palm Springs Suns suspended operations for 1997 but emerged in Oxnard, well to the west in Ventura County, for 1998.

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