Oxnard College

Grandstand and bleacher at the Oxnard College baseball field, Aug-2004.

A look at the home of the Condors from behind home plate.

Quick Facts:
The Palm Springs Suns, who played in the Western Baseball League in 1995-96, suspended operations for a season due to financial troubles and then resurfaced in 1998 at the Oxnard College field. While I didn't notice any particular problems with the area upon my visit in 2004, the team reportedly suffered from low attendance due to a perception that the south side of Oxnard was unsafe, especially in the evenings. The club was one of four shuttered by the Western League after the 1998 season.

Oxnard College is a California state community college, part of the Ventura County Community College district. The Condors have sent numerous players to four-year schools. Over 25 former Condors have been drafted by Major League Baseball teams, and several have played in the majors.

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