Chronological Tour: Stop 75

John Thurman Field

Entrance to John Thurman Field, Aug-2004.

The easy-to-assemble seating bowl.

A view from in front of the press box.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
John Thurman Field was rather nondescript when I first visited for the California League playoffs in 1994, but it received major upgrades, including a new stadium structure, in 1997.

The prefabricated stadium, similar in design to Lake Olmstead Stadium in Georgia though without the roof, made it easy to install. A recent site visitor tells me that the Nuts – a new name following the end of the team’s affiliation with the Athletics after 30 years – added a new video board for the 2007 season.

I thought the old structure was rather comfortable for watching a game, and the new one is just as comfortable. The only complaint I had was a very slow souvenir stand worker the day I visited in 2004, but that may have been an aberration.

Game # Date League Level Result
157 Tue 6-Sep-1994 California A MODESTO 7, San Jose 6
702 Thu 19-Aug-2004 California A Stockton 5, MODESTO 2, 1st
703 Thu 19-Aug-2004 California A MODESTO 7, Stockton 2, 2d
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