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Dodger Stadium

One of the many entrances to Dodger Stadium, Jul-2008.

The seating bowl, Aug-1997.

View from the center of the Top Deck, Jul-2008.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
Walter O’Malley moved the Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles in 1958, taking the Giants to the west coast with him. For four seasons, the Dodgers played at the Memorial Coliseum, until this new facility was ready.

For its first three seasons, the stadium also hosted the Los Angeles Angels, an American League expansion club that had played the 1961 season at L.A.’s Wrigley Field, a minor-league park. The Angels moved to Anaheim in 1965.

The stadium is built into an amphitheater, surrounded by parking lots that are horrendous to navigate on the way out. Fans are notorious for leaving in the seventh inning to beat the traffic, even if their own pitcher is working on a no-hitter. On my 1997 trip to the facility, I observed fans arriving as late as the sixth inning as well.

However, the park layout itself is wonderful, and the view into the outfield is gorgeous. Even with the newly painted outfield wall featuring Dodgers of the past as well as some advertising signs, the park merits a high rating.

In recent seasons, the “ground boxes” I appreciated so much have been removed and replaced by additional seating rows that extend down to field level. Another issue is that one is only permitted to enter the park on the level for which one is ticketed; fans cannot roam in order to try to locate better views for photography.

Game # Date League Level Result
286 Fri 29-Aug-1997 National * MLB LA DODGERS 5, Oakland 4, 10 inn
933 Sun 27-Jul-2008 National MLB LA DODGERS 2, Washington 0
* Interleague play.
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