Chronological Tour: Stop 67

A Diamond in the Desert

The Lake Elsinore Diamond from the parking lot, Aug-1994.

Like many of the parks in the California League, hills are visible in the distance.

The mascot is Hamlet. The sumo wrestlers are nuts.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
People laughed when it was announced that Lake Elsinore, a failing resort town a distance down the freeway from Riverside, Calif., was getting its own ballpark.

The park, however, is no laugh. Instead, itís one of the more attractive facilities in the California League.

Iíve visited here twice, three years apart to the day, and I was impressed both times. The facility is immaculate and very well kept, and it affords a nice view of nearby hills. They even have a good mascot, appropriately named Hamlet.

However, Iíve heard the stadium authority is deeply in debt, as revenues havenít come close to paying off the cost of the park, which I believe was around $20 million. It would be a shame to see this place close down because of a sea of red ink.

Game # Date League Level Result
149 Sun 28-Aug-1994 California A LAKE ELSINORE 10, High Desert 8
285 Thu 28-Aug-1997 California A Bakersfield 3, LAKE ELSINORE 1
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