John Euless Ballpark

Entrance to John Euless Ballpark, Aug-2008.

A set of grandstands and the press box, as seen from outside the fence.

Quick Facts:
This field was built on the campus of Fresno State College at some point before 1941 (the school was founded on the site in 1911 and later moved to its current location to the northeast). By 1941, professional baseball came to the field, and it remained there until the stadium structure was knocked down in 1988, having suffered significant damage.

John Euless got his name on the park in 1957, having been a primary factor in the arrival and continuation of professional ball in Fresno.

After Fresno State relocated, the campus became occupied by Fresno City College, part of the California system of community colleges. The junior college has utilized Euless Ballpark since 1988.

I was unable to get into Euless Ballpark on my 2008 visit.

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