Ed Wiest Field

Entrance to Ed Wiest Field, Aug-2004.

A few seating sections and a small press box.

A look at the field itself from behind the plate.

Quick Facts:
Ed Wiest was a volunteer with the local Babe Ruth League who was instrumental in preparing the ball field for the 1970 Babe Ruth World Series. He got lights installed so that the games could be played there, and he added about 3,000 bleacher seats (not all of which remain today). In gratitude, Brawley renamed the facility Ed Wiest Field later in the 1970s.

Wiest was inducted into the national Babe Ruth League Hall of Fame in 1981, according to the official Babe Ruth League Web site. Babe Ruth League is a youth league, originally for 13- to 15-year-olds but since expanded into older and younger divisions, which started in Ewing, N.J., in 1951.

When I saw the park in 2004, it looked like, well, a Babe Ruth field. The Golden State League placed a team here in 1995, but the ill-fated loop folded after only two weeks.

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