La Palma Park

Main entrance to La Palma Park, Jul-2008.

The seating area as seen from beyond the left-field fence.

A look at the field from next to the baseball press box.

Quick Facts:
This late-1930s field saw professional action in two leagues in the 1940s. The baseball stadium is remarkably intact from that time, although the seating benches have been replaced.

Part of the film The Jackie Robinson Story was shot here in 1950.

A football grandstand was added in the mid-1950s, cutting the center field distance down to just 368 feet from what had been well over 400. The football stadium was dedicated to former Anaheim Union High School athletic director Richard M. Glover after his death in 1974. Then the baseball field was dedicated to local sports volunteer Dee Forrest Fee in 1986. Today, a grating mainly obscures the old La Palma Park name. The name applies to the entire park, not just the baseball and football stadium.

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