Stetson Bowl Stadium

Entrance to Stetson Bowl Stadium, Aug-2013.

Despite no baseball use in many years, the grandstands, dugouts, and even the foul poles are intact.

The view from behind where home plate used to be.

Quick Facts:
At one time, Stetson Bowl Stadium was a proud baseball facility. Games were held here in conjunction with the Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair; the field sits on the east end of the grounds. And as happened at the CN Exhibition in Toronto two decades before, the baseball park became used for professional baseball. While it wasn’t quite as grand as the Toronto Blue Jays taking over Exhibition Stadium, the Surrey Glaciers of the independent Western League held sway here for a season in the mid-1990s before returning stateside, settling in at Moana Stadium in Reno for several seasons.

When I arrived in 2013, the baseball stadium still looked something like a baseball stadium, with a grandstand, dugouts, lights, and even foul poles. The only thing missing was the scoreboard, which presumably had become inoperative. Then again, a baseball scoreboard isn’t a necessity when the primary use of the facility is for rodeo exhibitions. The fair board reallocated the space as the main site of rodeo competition at the annual fair at some point after the Glaciers left.

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