Chronological Tour: Stop 350

Goodyear Ballpark

Home-plate entrance to Goodyear Ballpark, Aug-2009.

A good look at the stadium shortly after sunset, from down the first-base line.

The view from behind home plate as an Arizona League game is about to start.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
From what I could tell at an Arizona League game when the temperature was 99 degrees at sundown (repeat after me: But itís a dry heat!) and only 50 people attended, they did a great job with Goodyear Ballpark.

Its primary function, of course, is as a spring training facility. A new complex is in place for the Cleveland Indians already, and their I-71 rivals the Cincinnati Reds move in for 2010. In the meantime, the Arizona League rookie Indians were playing at Goodyear Ballpark on a Tuesday night in August 2009, and I got here to take some photos and enjoy a game.

Most notably, the builders put a special premium seating area in along the third-base side, covered by a roof to shield the sun during day games. There is also a limited covered area on the concourse for shelter in case of a gully washer. One thing I did not care for was the scoreboard, which was all in white LEDs, and the numbers for the batterís number and the count and outs were difficult to see.

Still, Iím sure the Indians and Reds will be quite pleased with this new Cactus League facility for years to come.

Game # Date League Level Result
1020 Tue 25-Aug-2009 Pioneer R AZL INDIANS 4, AZL Mariners 1
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