Chronological Tour: Stop 206

Home of the Obtrusive Roof

The entranceway architecture is reminiscent of Milwaukee city hall.

The retractable roof offers a pizza-wedge view of the sky.

As in Arizona, huge picture windows offer an exterior view beyond the outfield.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
Can someone tell me why they tore down Milwaukee County Stadium?

Someone I met at the game said the exterior architecture at Miller Park was reminiscent of Milwaukee’s city hall, which I’ve never visited. But the stadium itself is not exactly spectacular.

Behind the plate in the upper deck, they sell “Uecker seats” the day of the game for a dollar each and entitle the spectator to a view that is partially obstructed by the supports for the retractable roof. The roof segments pivot on an axis behind the plate, providing a pizza-slice opening to the outside world. On that upper level, going out near Bernie Brewer (who still slides down his chute but no longer lands in a mug of beer, even though the brewing company sponsors the park) induces vertigo thanks to your distance above the action.

They built a compact and fairly tall facility that actually reminded me a little bit of the new Boston Garden, home of hockey’s Bruins, and its steep slopes. Having to look down on the game from the upper deck caused me to look down on this yard.

Game # Date League Level Result
478 Tue 31-Jul-2001 National MLB Florida 5, MILWAUKEE 1
1276 Sat 17-Aug-2013 National MLB MILWAUKEE 2, Cincinnati 0
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