Chronological Tour: Stop 248

Simmons Field

Side and back of the main Simmons Field grandstand, Jul-2003.

A better look at the seating areas.

The field looks out on railroad tracks, like many in the Midwest.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
For several years, a Frontier League team played at Huntingburg, Ind., in a stadium rebuilt to accommodate the movie “A League of Their Own”. When they moved to Kenosha for 2003, they landed at Simmons Field, which was used for the AAGPBL Kenosha Comets in the 1940s. A Twins farm club also played here for nine years until moving to Fort Wayne for the 1993 season.

The main grandstand is original to the facility; the side bleachers were likely added later. The original dugouts were damaged by flooding and the team erected new ground-level dugouts with plywood backs; these, unfortunately, obscure the view from the best bleacher seats (which have been improved to seats with backs and armrests). If the dugout problem could be solved, Simmons would be a decent field. In a partial upgrade prior to 2014, seats that were removed from Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore were installed here.

As it happened, the Mammoths (named for an actual mammoth skeleton found a few miles from the field in 1992 and on display at the Kenosha Public Museum) moved right back out of town for 2004, landing in Ozark, Mo., where an existing Central League team was purchased by a group from the Florida Panhandle and moved to Pensacola.

Game # Date League Level Result
605 Tue 29-Jul-2003 Frontier Ind. KENOSHA 12, Gateway 4
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