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Memorial Stadium

The press box structure of Everett Memorial Stadium, Aug-2004.

The seating bowl, from the first-base bleachers.

On a cloudy night, the distant mountains are barely visible.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
A massive project in 1998 rebuilt the grandstands at both facilities at Memorial Stadium, a football field with artificial turf and a baseball field with real grass.

It’s essentially an aluminum park, with a permanent press box behind home plate that limits the number of seats in the plate area. Yet I found this to be one of the friendliest facilities I visited on the trip. And my hat is off to the public address announcer, who was not only efficient and effective but entertaining. During on-field contests, he made continual reference to old game shows, calling the on-field coordinator “Allen Ludden” and, at one point, telling the audience that promotional consideration had been provided by “Dicker and Dicker of Beverly Hills” – a furrier who was a prominent sponsor on The Hollywood Squares in the 1970s.

Game # Date League Level Result
698 Sat 14-Aug-2004 Northwest A EVERETT 10, Eugene 3
1279 Wed 21-Aug-2013 Northwest A EVERETT 10, Vancouver 2
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