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Unfair Grounds

Exterior of Tim McCarver Stadium, Aug-1998.

Seating in front of the press box and on the first-base side.

The artificial turf infield and the grass outfield are clearly visible.

Quick Facts: Rating: 1 baseball
This ballpark, on the grounds of the Mid-South Fair next to the Liberty Bowl, suffered from enough inadequacies that the club, which had played for most of the 20th century as the Memphis Chicks (short for Chickasaws) before acquiring a St. Louis affiliation in 1998, was eager to escape.

The facility, originally called Blues Stadium but renamed for former major league catcher and later commentator Tim McCarver in 1978, suffered the unfortunate fate (along with Lawrence-Dumont Stadium in Wichita) of an artificial turf infield combined with a grass outfield.

For this reason, as well as its age beginning to show, a new park went up in downtown Memphis (near Beale Street) to replace this one. It opened in 2000.

Site visitor Russ Hancock advised that as of July 2002, McCarver Stadium was still being used for area scholastic and semi-pro baseball. However, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported in January 2004 that “about the only things it has hosted the past two years have been parked cars during the Mid-South Fair”, according to Wayne Boyer of the Memphis Parks Division. Boyer was drawing up a fairgrounds master plan that would include demolition of the ballpark.

In April 2005, site visitor Andrew Edgerley advised that the park was completely gone; however, Michael Mavrogiannis reported at the end of May that while the stadium structure had been demolished, the light towers and scoreboard were still standing. I have no intention of visiting Memphis in the immediate future, but it is clear that the stadium is on the way out.

Game # Date League Level Result
339 Wed 26-Aug-1998 Pacific Coast AAA MEMPHIS 7, Nashville 3
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