Chronological Tour: Stop 176

Hunter Wright Stadium

Walking up to Hunter Wright Stadium, Aug-2012.

The majority of the seating is aluminum, but there are some bucket seats.

Looking out onto the field, the last of the East Tennessee sun shining on it.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
The home of the Kingsport Mets is located up a hill from Stone Drive (Route 11W), more than half a mile back, so you can’t see the field from the street below. There is a fast-food restaurant on the corner and a home improvement store on the way up, but both are well before you reach the field. The old sign pointing the way to the field read “Sports Complex”, but no other facilities were ever added.

In the middle, in front of the press box and concession building, are three sections of blue bucket seats. Flanking this on both sides are sets of bleachers. There is a half-amphitheater feeling, as the ground rises behind the park to the first base bleachers, meaning home plate and first-base entry are from the top, while third-base entry is from ground level. Field dimensions are fairly standard, and outfield fence advertising is sparse. The view is of undeveloped land which is still mainly covered by trees.

Game # Date League Level Result
414 Sat 29-Jul-2000 Appalachian R KINGSPORT 6, Bristol 1
1215 Thu 16-Aug-2012 Appalachian R Johnson City 14, KINGSPORT 3
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