Chronological Tour: Stop 210

The Big Chip

Entrance to Pringles Park, Aug-2001.

The seating bowl. Field level here is quite a bit below concourse level.

In right field, a stand of trees; in left field, I-40.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
“The Big Chip” is located on the eastern outskirts of Jackson, and mercifully they only get $2 to park even though it’s off in no man’s land. (That was in 2001. As of 2015, parking was free.) Perhaps it’s because I was outside of Memphis, but I actually found myself liking this place better than AutoZone Park, the larger and more ornate facility in that river town.

They produce a lot of Pringles potato crisps in an area factory, thus the willingness of the manufacturer to sponsor the park for its first 15 years. During that time, the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx (what an awful name!) employed a mascot who was a big can of Pringles.

As for the park itself, you enter and all the seats are below you, in an amphitheater configuration. It fits into the lay of the land, which drops from the top of the hill down to Interstate 40. There is a lower walkway separating the field boxes from the reserved seats, but all services are on the upper level. There is a wheelchair ramp on the right field end (which is also where the entrance is) which provides easier access to and from those lower seats.

One difficulty I had during a return visit in 2015 was that the setting sun reflected off the old scoreboard in right center, making the score difficult to read. The LED video board showed up better, and so perhaps replacing the scoreboard with an LED model would solve this issue.

My biggest suggestion would be to substitute a simpler and more descriptive name for the team, perhaps the Jackson Jacks. It certainly won’t affect my opinion of the park. (A number of people apparently concurred, as the team rebranded itself as the Jackson Generals for 2011, the same name the team in Jackson, Miss., used in its last years as a Minor League club.)

Game # Date League Level Result
482 Sat 4-Aug-2001 Southern AA WEST TENN 6, Mobile 4
1387 Sat 25-Jul-2015 Southern AA Montgomery 11, JACKSON 6
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