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Red Sox Nation Meets Dixie

West End Field entrance off Main Street, Aug-2006.

The roof extends beyond the suite level to provide some shelter to the fans.

Field dimensions, including the left-field wall, are similar to those at Fenway Park.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
West End Field replaces old Greenville Municipal Stadium, which was already beyond its time when it opened. The uncovered amphitheater was not suitable for pro baseball in the 21st century. A new park was needed for the former Capital City Bombers, who moved from the state capital in Columbia after the 2004 season.

By building this new park, the club has bridged old and new and helped give downtown Greenville a shot in the arm. Attendance for the first full season of play here exceeded 300,000, placing the club in the top tier among Sally League franchises.

Fans enter either from the left-field side near Main Street or along the right-field side on Field Street, near Vardry Street. There is no home-plate entrance, as in the new park in Greensboro, N.C. Once inside, the main seating bowl is in one level, with no cross aisle and a relatively steep pitch for better viewing, as at Staten Island.

The outfield dimensions are very similar to those at the Red Sox’ home, Fenway Park. The field even includes a post-up scoreboard built into a left-field wall painted green and almost as high as Fenway’s “Green Monster”. There is also some berm seating in the outfield, and a patio area called the “500 Club” in right field. About all they don’t have here is Monster Seats. That’s because condos are going in beyond left field; construction was in progress the day I first arrived, and by 2007 fans were watching the game from balconies, as they do at Wrigley Field.

The other things I found missing were a white board for the starting lineups, and stands offering those classic Southern staples, lemonade and sweet tea. I went back in 2007, since my first try in 2006 was rained out after 2½ innings, and they had not introduced these amenities yet. But these are minor drawbacks to a very nice park.

Game # Date League Level Result
897 Sat 1-Sep-2007 South Atlantic A Asheville 11, GREENVILLE 4
1592 Wed 23-Aug-2017 South Atlantic A GREENVILLE 16, Columbia 5
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