Chronological Tour: Stop 284

Volcanoes Stadium

Approaching Volcanoes Stadium, Aug-2004.

The view from the left-field terrace.

Not that much to see here except for freeway traffic.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
There really isn’t anything fancy about Volcanoes Stadium, except that it’s visible from I-5 and trucks occasionally blast their air horns when they go by.

The park consists of a lower bowl with stadium seating, aluminum bleachers above the concourse on both base lines, additional bleachers down the right-field line, and a berm that swings around to left field. In 2004, the club opened a “Lava Lodge” where one may obtain alcoholic beverages – provided they're consumed within the confines of the building and its immediate grounds. By my visit in 2017, alcohol licensing had been cleared up and beer was permitted and sold anywhere in the park.

The press box is on the “lower” level of the central building behind the plate, allowing for a full row of luxury boxes above it. This puts the scorer, announcer, etc., in close contact with the fans. Even the radio announcer is close by so that fans can wave to him.

Unfortunately, I took a baseball away on my rating when I revisited the park in 2017, and I almost downgraded the place further. For one, the place is overpriced even by Northwest standards; a similar ticket was 40% cheaper at Eugene earlier in the same trip. For another, ticket lines were exceedingly slow, and so was the entry line. For a third, the lineups are not posted anywhere in the ballpark, a grievous sin to this inveterate scorekeeper. The good news was that a fan told me that the game-day insert was available free of charge at the fan relations booth. Offsetting that, though, was the misspelling of several names on the visiting team’s starting lineup, and also the failure of the public address announcer to acknowledge several of the pitching changes for both teams.

I kept the park at two baseballs for a few mitigating factors. One is that concession prices are reasonable; I got a very good German sausage (they didn't call it a bratwurst, but it was nicely spiced) for $5. Another is that the Volcanoes do not blast music throughout the game, a pleasant surprise in this era of bombast.

Game # Date League Level Result
700 Mon 16-Aug-2004 Northwest A Everett 6, SALEM-KEIZER 2
1569 Thu 3-Aug-2017 Northwest A Everett 11, SALEM-KEIZER 10
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