Chronological Tour: Stop 185

Bats Among the Bricks

Third-base entrance to Bricktown Ballpark, Aug-2000.

The grandstand, from the left-field foul pole.

Looking out at more brick, this time the outfield concession stand that also serves as the batter’s eye.

Quick Facts: Rating: 4 baseballs
They did a nice job replacing old All Sports Stadium back in 1998. The Bricktown Ballpark serves as a model for a lot of the new stadiums to look up to. It’s also helping to energize a long-neglected part of town.

Bricktown is the oldest section of Oklahoma’s state capital. It’s about a mile from today’s downtown area and two miles from the capitol building. The rail yards run nearby. But with the decline of the rails as a part of everyday life, the section went downhill until the city made a conscious effort to rehabilitate it. Now Bricktown is the center of Oklahoma City’s nightlife.

The ballpark is a major part of that. As befits Bricktown, the exterior is mostly red brick. Inside, the seating arrangement is similar to, but not exactly like, Harbor Park in Norfolk and P & C Stadium in Syracuse. And as a reminder that the park is in a city block, one actually walks under the scoreboard when walking the outside concourse, thanks to a tight squeeze out there. Like many parks, there is an outfield berm seating area; unlike many, there are also outfield bleacher seats here.

Ticket and concession prices are about average. One thing I did not appreciate was the lack of whiteboards for posting the day’s lineups, standings, etc. But that’s about the only shortcoming I could find here.

Game # Date League Level Result
428 Sat 19-Aug-2000 Pacific Coast AAA OKLAHOMA CITY 10, New Orleans 3
775 Fri 19-Aug-2005 Pacific Coast AAA OKLAHOMA CITY 7, Memphis 0
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