Chronological Tour: Stop 79

Cpl. Klinger’s Favorite Team

Exterior of Ned Skeldon Stadium, Aug-1995.

The right-field line, during play.

Looking into the outfield before the game, during a parade of classic cars.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
Cpl. Klinger (Jamie Farr) on the TV series “M*A*S*H” said he was a Toledo Mud Hens fan. Ironically, during the Korean conflict, the team dropped “Mud Hens”, only to restore the old name in the mid-1960s when this ballpark was pressed into service.

Lucas County Stadium in Maumee, originally built as a racetrack, was converted into a baseball park in 1965. It served through the 2001 season as a haven for Mud Hens fans who were looking to see the latest Detroit Tigers prospects as well as those just looking for a fun night out. It was renamed in 1988 for Ned Skeldon, who was instrumental in bringing minor league baseball back to the Toledo area after a nine-year absence.

A new stadium in downtown Toledo opened in 2002.

Game # Date League Level Result
171 Sat 5-Aug-1995 International AAA Charlotte 5, TOLEDO 4
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