Bradner Stadium

Looking down the east end zone (first-base) grandstand toward the Bradner Stadium entrance, May-2012.

A look from behind the plate in the stadium’s baseball configuration. The grandstand here has been torn down as part of a renovation project.

Quick Facts:
Bradner Stadium, a multi-purpose facility, came into use for the Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League, later the New York-Penn, upon its founding in 1939. This was despite the facility’s major shortcoming: a right-field line that was way too short.

The baseball field was shoehorned into a traditional football oval along Main Street at the Ischua Creek, which flows into the Allegheny (Pittsburgh’s river) at Olean. Until recently, there was a higher grandstand directly behind the plate; this has been torn down as part of a much-needed renovation project which will probably spell the end of baseball at Bradner. The park has been used for amateur baseball as well as high school football until recently.

Olean is also the home of St. Bonaventure University, a couple miles west of here (upstream on the Allegheny), as well as a local community college. Each has its own ball field.

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