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St. Johnís University

Interior of the ballpark at St. Johnís University, Aug-2000.

Looking out at the ballpark from behind home plate.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
The St. Catharines Stompers relocated from Community Park to New York for the 2000 season, playing one year at St. Johnís University.

St. Johnís field received a major upgrade in order to accommodate one season of New York-Penn League ball. The field, which used to point somewhat to the west, now points to a more orthodox northeast.

While the entire structure is aluminum, the place doesnít look bad for a temporary facility. The benches behind the plate and down parts of the base lines have seat backs. The bullpens are both located behind the right-field fence, with plexiglass windows so the pitching staff can see the game.

The Kings moved to a new park in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn in 2001. But this park wonít be abandoned Ė the Red Storm of St. Johnís will get to use the new, upgraded field for years to come.

The Red Storm renamed the field in 2007 to honor Jack Kaiser, a three-sport athlete from the 1940s who went on to serve as a coach for 21 years and as the schoolís athletic director for 23 years.

Game # Date League Level Result
435 Sat 26-Aug-2000 NY-Penn A QUEENS 15, Pittsfield 5
20 Sun 24-Mar-2002 Big East Div I Villanova 5, ST. JOHNíS 3
23 Sun 21-Mar-2004 Independent Div I ST. JOHNíS 9, Fairleigh Dickinson 5, 1st
24 Sun 21-Mar-2004 Independent Div I ST. JOHNíS 6, Fairleigh Dickinson 3, 2d
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