Chronological Tour: Stop 197

Suffolk County’s Own Park

Main entrance to EAB Park, Jul-2001.

Construction here is similar to many ballparks of the same vintage.

The triple-deck signage emphasizes the lack of view.

Quick Facts: Rating: 3 baseballs
EAB Park, located in the hamlet of Central Islip within the Town of Islip, looks fairly nice from the outside. Inside, it’s just more of the same. (The original name came from the bank that owned it; that bank was bought out prior to the 2002 season and the facility, known as Citibank Park for eight seasons, is now known as Bethpage Ballpark, for Bethpage Federal Credit Union.)

I could have been in Atlantic City or Bridgeport or Somerset or Camden, or Trenton or Wilmington or Frederick, if I didn’t know better. They’re all built to the same seating pattern: a split seating bowl, walkway halfway down, with all the concessions on the upper concourse, luxury boxes above, and a press box jutting out into the two center sections of the upper reserved seating. This is starting to get old.

Worse yet, there’s practically no view here. The ad signs are stacked three high around most of the field, except where they’re replaced by the scoreboard. The big EAB ad sits above the three-sign-high batter’s eye in center field.

A redeeming feature of the first game I saw, back in 2001, was a live organist. For this contest, they had a Technics organ out on the concourse next to the press box and hooked up to the public address system, with a woman listed as Dy Anne Awe tickling the ivories and, I must say, doing a good job. Sadly, I haven't seen (or heard) the organ since.

Game # Date League Level Result
459 Sun 1-Jul-2001 Atlantic Ind. Somerset 19, LONG ISLAND 4
795 Sat 17-Sep-2005 Atlantic Ind. Newark 11, LONG ISLAND 2
1176 Sun 18-Sep-2011 Atlantic Ind. LONG ISLAND 5, Bridgeport 2
1247 Sat 29-Sep-2012 Atlantic Ind. Southern Maryland 4, LONG ISLAND 3
1249 Sat 6-Oct-2012 Atlantic Ind. LONG ISLAND 9, Lancaster 3
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