Chronological Tour: Stop 23

There Used to be Yankees Here

"Welcome" from the back of the main grandstand and press box, Jun-2002.

An overview of the seating sections from the left-field picnic area.

There are no cheap home runs here. The park was built with major-league dimensions.

Quick Facts: Rating: 2 baseballs
I made a trip to Heritage Park back in 1992, when the tenant was a Yankees farm club in the Eastern League. The club had moved from West Haven, Conn., and it spent one season at Bleecker Stadium in Albany before this facility was ready for play. I remembered not being impressed by the park, but I had forgotten to bring my camera into the yard. It took me until 2002 to get back there and see another game.

While the park was built only a few years after East Field, 45 miles up the road in Glens Falls, this facility was considerably better. Heritage Park includes a much larger, covered main grandstand behind the plate, with an elevated press box. The main concession area was nothing to write home about, but there was a grill under the grandstand that offered a greater variety.

The Eastern League left here after the 1994 season, when local authorities stood up to requests by the Yankees for facility improvements. The next year, the Diamond Dogs of the Northeast League arrived. Minor upgrades to the park were completed in the next few years, making this a respectable facility. However, faced with competition from the new affiliated team in Troy, the Diamond Dogs folded their tent after the 2002 season. The stadium has been razed and nothing has been built in its place. Indeed, no trace remains at the site, no evidence that high-level minor league ball was once played there.

Game # Date League Level Result
52 Fri 7-Aug-1992 Eastern AA Harrisburg 3, ALBANY 1
520 Fri 28-Jun-2002 Northeast Ind. ALBANY 4, Berkshire 1, 2d
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