DeLazier Memorial Field

Exterior of DeLazier Memorial Field, Jan-2008.

The section of the seating bowl directly behind the plate.

A view of the multi-purpose field. Part of the outfield has been re-sodded after football season.

Quick Facts:
DeLazier Memorial Field was built in 1940 by the Borough of Bloomingdale and dedicated to its first mayor, Isaac DeLazier.

When the post-war minor league boom took place, DeLazier Field was available, and a team called the Bloomingdale Troopers took the field in the North Atlantic League. The club had no major league affiliation in its first season, 1946, but then received players from the Boston Braves in 1947 and the Cleveland Indians in 1948, when the Troopers finished in third place in the eight-team loop, just five games out of first.

The Troopers folded after the 1948 season (and the Class D league followed suit two years later), but the tiny borough and this community ballpark had etched their place in baseball history. Today, DeLazier Field is used for youth baseball as well as the Bloomingdale Chiefs youth football program.

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